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One of my strongest beliefs regarding the Lord is that the Lord never abandons anyone.  The difficulty with that belief is that everyone experiences times in life when feeling the Lord’s presence seems impossible.  On many occasions, those times when it appears the Lord has abandoned us is during a difficult period.  This has caused me to wonder why during those times it may feel like the Lord has abandoned us.

The first thought that came to me is that I can feel like the Lord has abandoned me when something does not occur in the manner I desire.  I may have a want that I desire to have filled.  It may be a series of events that I have a definite outcome I am seeking.  I may want an event to occur or a change to occur.  When these situations arise and the results are not what I desire, I can easily jump to the conclusion that the Lord has abandoned me.

My next thought was that I may choose to take a path or a direction that the Lord knows is not in my best interest so instead of encouraging me on the path, the Lord just follows along.  When I am not feeling encouraged by the Lord, I may feel abandoned.  The truth is that the Lord has never left me but instead I have been walking in a direction that is away from the Lord.

Then there are the times when I deliberately turn away from the Lord.  These are the times when I do not want to hear what the Lord is telling me because it does not fit “my plan.”  Or these may be the times when I attempt to hide some aspect of my life from the Lord.  The turning away is not the Lord but instead it is me.  I may be ashamed or I may have convinced myself that the Lord could never continue to love me because of what I have done or left undone.

No matter what the situation or what the reason, there truly are times when I feel the emptiness that I attribute to the Lord choosing to abandon me.  The truth is that there is NEVER a time that the Lord abandons me.  My perception is the result of my desire or inability to be near to the Lord.  Jesus made the promise, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:20, NIV)  This was not an idle promise.  This was the absolute guarantee.

So, let me make this perfectly clear…..  THE LORD NEVER HAS OR WILL ABANDON US.  This I believe!  When I feel abandoned, it is me that has been walking away, not the Lord.  If I make the honest effort to reach out, the Lord sheds a tear and says, “Welcome back, I’ve been waiting because I love you so much!”  I just need to let go and fall into the Lord’s arms again.


3 responses to “Never Abandoned

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  1. This is just another reaffirmation to me that when there is a screw up… it’s always on my end, never the Lord’s end… Somehow that gives me hope that God being with me is one thing that I really dont have to worry about or doubt.

    Kinser Connie & Jim
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