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I was sitting the other day thinking about my years as a youth.  I have come to realize that it is truly amazing that I am still alive.  I did not have the level of protection that the government, medical professionals, and other well-meaning individuals are now providing for the youth (and adults) of today.  It seems every time that I turn around any more I am hearing, “We cannot do that any more, it isn’t safe.”  It makes me truly wonder how I survived with all the unsafe activities that I participated in while growing up.

Here’s a list of those unsafe activities or practices that I miraculously survived:

  • Running through a hoop with paper over it to start a football game.
  • Riding in a school bus with seats that I could see over.
  • Sitting on a chair with my feet unable to touch the floor.
  • Sliding down the support pole of a large slide.
  • Playing with toys that the government had not approved.
  • Spinning around a merry-go-round in the school playground.
  • Making a treehouse with wood slats on the tree trunk as a ladder.
  • Swinging with one person standing up while the other was seated.
  • Swimming in the creek.
  • Having free time while at camp.
  • Having volunteer counselors at camp.
  • Bringing birthday treats to school and sharing them with others.

I’m sure there are other items but you get the idea.  I understand that times change and that for various reasons and what was once safe may no longer be safe.  My question is:  How many of the problems we attempt to fix, actually make larger problems.  The world is not safe, it has not been safe since humanity left Eden.  Somehow I survived and millions of others survived.  Do we give up some joy in life when we try to make life completely


Just my thoughts for today.


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