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A contrail with iridescent color

A contrail with iridescent color (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when I am either walking on maybe on a long drive and I look up into the sky to see a whole series of contrails from various jets.  I often spend a little time wondering where those jets have come from and where they may be headed.  Then I usually spend some time wishing that I was on one of those jets.

I love flying.  Sure, I do not enjoy some of the hassle of getting my luggage into the airport, checking in, and going through security, but I love the joy of flying.  I think that part of the reason that I enjoy it so much is because I enjoy traveling.  I like to experience different places and to move away from my normal life routine for a while.

These thoughts have led me to ponder why I enjoy flying away.  I believe it is because I am a person who enjoys new experiences and regular changes in what I am doing to occupy time.  I enjoy challenges and experiencing different opportunities.  Remaining status quo has little allure to me.  I like to have my mind and my abilities challenged and stretched in new directions.

Now you do not always have to change locations to be able to shake up your “normal.”  I believe that reading and engaging in dialogue can do that also.  I think that it is vital for the mental health of people, or at least me, to encounter and strive to tackle new concepts and new approaches.  This is what helps us to expand who we are and to experience success in areas that we never have dreamed we were capable of.

Throughout the Bible, I see God doing this to God’s people.  He tells Abraham to leave the country in which he has grown up and embark on a journey to a different land.  Noah is told to build a giant ark, even though he is not a craftsman in that area.  Moses is told to be a leader and a spokesperson for God despite his apprehensions on his speaking abilities and his insecurities about anyone following him.  Jesus takes men who are fishermen, tax collectors, religious zealots, and tells them that they are going to be the ones who will invite others to come to him.  God does not seem to support the status quo very often, especially in the lives of the ones that God calls.

So maybe it is the case that I often hear God’s voice saying, “Come fly with me.”  I am ready Lord to jump into your jet, where are we going today?


2 responses to “Fly Away

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  1. I like the flying concept.. it blends right in with what my Mom and Grandmother always stressed…”When you cease to learn, you cease to live” They both were avid readers and learners to the end of their lives and I never ever heard either of them ever say that they were bored..

    Kinser Connie & Jim
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