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Yesterday I had a great conversation with some of my colleagues.  We were discussing some changes that may need to occur within a couple of groups that we have been tasked to work with.  A couple of times throughout the discussion and as the discussion broadened some to the whole organization, it was lifted up that no matter what we design or what we think should happen, if people do not find value and/or purpose in it, they are not going to participate.  As I pondered those conversations, I was reminded of the old say, “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”

How often can we see what might be the best route of action or what a group of individuals should be doing yet we struggle to make it happen?  The truth of life at this point in time is that people have so many options that they can easily find another organization, another activity, or another way to spend their time.  Especially when it comes to a church or volunteer organization, if they are not inclined to do something, there is no way to make it happen.

I wonder if this isn’t exactly how the Lord feels many times.  God chose to give humanity the option of choosing the life pattern that God created or not.  God even gave humanity the choice whether to love the Lord or not.  Our Creator can see the best route of action for our lives; what we should be doing, but God decided not to force us to do so.  Instead, like those of us in conversation yesterday, the Lord has tried to show us a purpose for doing what is best.  It seems that if people see a purpose or value to something, they are much more likely to take that route or participate in that activity.

As leaders, we have to listen to the people.  We have to hear what passions and purposes excite them.  We have to introduce them to possible purposes and passions.  Ultimately, if the route or action we take does not create/support purpose or passion in someone’s life, we are never going to get them to drink.


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  1. Where do we get the oats? Good article.

  2. Great post!

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