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256 - One bad apple

256 - One bad apple (Photo credit: MrB-MMX)

The Osmond Brothers had a song hit number one in December of 1970, “One Bad Apple,” which contained the line, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole darn bunch.”  This song came to my mind because of a conversation that I had yesterday.  During that conversation a good friend asked me why the Church does not do a better job of policing itself.  He was indicated that the extremists in the Church make it difficult for those on the edges to ever want to be part of it.

I explained to him that like any organization or group of humans, there are always those within the group that take a view that can be viewed as extreme in nature.  Just because those individuals exist does not mean that whole group is bad.  I also indicated that even if there are individuals whose theology and application of their faith do not fit with my theology and application of faith, I cannot just walk away from them.  I need to value you them as individuals even if I disagree with their views or actions.

I believe that my role is to live out my faith and share my views as I feel called to do.  By me providing an alternative to views that I may feel are extreme, I can show a different side of Christianity.  Then it is up to others to examine my approaches and determine if those align with what the Spirit is telling them or not.

I think that it is important for all of us to be very careful about generalizations.  The Lord did not generalize most of the time but instead took the time to get to know the individuals and build relationships with them.  I try to follow that as an approach with all individuals, even those who have views that I disagree with.

And remember….. “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole darn bunch.”


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