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Bird - Blue Jay

Bird – Blue Jay (Photo credit: blmiers2)

This morning as I listen to the songs of the birds coming through my window, I have been thinking about the value of their sounds.  Having taken enough science classes, I am very aware of the real purposes behind the sounds birds make but I still find those sounds beautiful and in some ways soothing.  That led me to think about the sounds that I make in life.

I realize that I am speaking more metaphorically here than in an actual sense but there remains a bit of actual.  What I am referring to is the various words I use, the sounds I make as I move, the various ways that I communicate in a day.  Some days I think my sounds are more like the thunder that I heard last night during one of our rainstorms.  I can be bellowing and can rattle a few windows and startle some people.  Other days, I think my sounds are much more soothing and take on a sweeter nature like the sounds wafting in my window from the birds.  Still at other times, I find my sounds being harmonious with those around me.  Yet there are other situations where my sounds are dissonant with others.

I find that each of these types of sounds are appropriate in various situations.  Each sound fulfills a different purpose.  The key is being sure that my sounds are in balance.  I must be mindful of what my sound is communicating and if that is the communication that is called for in that  situation.

So as I continue to hear the melodies of the birds outside my window, I am lead to examine the sounds that I make.  In both situations, may the sounds be good.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks for the pingback because that led me here. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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