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English: Ferdinand Magellan Español: Herando d...

English: Ferdinand Magellan Español: Herando de Magallanes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, I guess I have to accept the label….. I’m a modernist.  Well, at least that is what a lot of sociologists and writers are calling my generation and how we think.  That means that I have a specific worldview and I approach life based upon that worldview.  One aspect of being a modernist is that I want answers.  I want to know the definitive answer on almost any subject that comes to my mind or confronts me in my day.

Those same sociologists and writers are telling me that the 20-somethings and younger have quite a different worldview.  They indicate that for these individuals, more important than find “the” answer is to be on a journey of discovering multiple possible answers.  Some of the reason behind this approach is the increase of available information.  With the internet, smart phones, and tablets, most people can locate a whole bevy of answers to their questions.  The idea of an “expert” is quickly fading because it has been discovered that many of the so-called experts gave answers that are later discovered to be flawed.  So instead of settling on “the” answer, it has been much more important to go on a journey or quest to discover what possible answers are out there.

This has dramatic impact on many aspects of how we live together.  Leaders need to understand the concept of a journey rather than taking the approach of providing “the” answer.  Teachers need to learn how to guide the journey and provide clues that encourage the learners to discover answers.  Churches need to adjust from being a place where answers are given and become places that facilitate the journeys and encourage fellowship among the sojourners.  Modernists need to discover how to be comfortable not having “the” answer but experiencing the exploration.

Last night in a discussion, I likened this to being like the Europeans in the 15th century.  They decided that there must be more to this world than what they were experiencing in Europe.  So they became explorers.  They were not sure what was out there over the horizon (some even thought it was the edge of the earth and you could fall off) but they sent people out to explore.  So the journey began with people like Magellan, Cortez, Ponce de Leon, and Columbus.  We are like those early explorers, we do not know what is over the horizon but we are on a journey because we are starting to realize that there has to be something more than what we are experiencing where we are located.

Come and enjoy the journey!  I’m trying to learn to do the same.


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  1. Love it – and some go to India – some to America – some to Japan – all experience different experiences in their journey – goal is to celebrate that journey!

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