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Optimism/Pessimism: Half Full Or Half Empty ?!

Optimism/Pessimism: Half Full Or Half Empty ?! (Photo credit: AhmadHammoud)

We all go through life dealing with each day as it comes.  Throughout the day, we are confronted with a variety of items that we interpret as positive, negative, or neutral.  How we interpret life becomes very important because it sets the tone for our mood and for our responses.

I tend to be an optimist in most situations.  That does not mean that I am always an optimist and it does not take a lot some days to send me on much more pessimist path.  However, when I look over a given week, I find that I am usually much more optimistic than pessimistic.  Not everyone tends to lean toward the optimist viewpoint.  There are individuals in my life that would be almost a direct opposite in their viewpoints.  Those individuals start on the pessimistic side and at times may move toward the optimistic viewpoint.  However, when they look back over a week, they would have to say they are much more pessimistic than optimistic.  I like to think that in those relationships, we create a balance for one another.

I am not sure if it is part of psychological make up that we start life with or whether it is through a series of real life experiences, but I do believe that each of us have a tendency to either be optimistic or pessimistic.  Whatever the case may be, I also think that we can impact those tendencies.  I think that we can choose each day if we are going to strive to lean one way or the other.  Yes, we  have a tendency but I also think we have power over those tendencies.  I would argue that it may be more work to overcome the tendencies that we have but it is not an impossible task.

A part of this is the way that we view our lives.  If I look at my life and note on the blessings that I have been given.  If I identify the gifts and talents that I have to utilize in my life.  If I make the effort to remind myself of the successes and the positive ways that I have benefited others.  I find that it is a lot easier to be optimistic.  However, if I focus on my failures, the difficult relationships that I may be a part of, the items that I lack, or the ways that I have been looked over, then it is very easy to be pessimistic.

Like so many other aspects of life, I think it boils down to the choices I make.  My hope is that each day I would strive to take an optimistic approach versus a pessimistic approach.  My second hope is that I may strive to always help others to work towards that goal in their life.  The reality is that each of us are indeed truly blessed!


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  1. I like this post.

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