When It’s Not Easy   1 comment

English: Difficult walking This right of way p...

English: Difficult walking This right of way path has been ‘carved up’ by tracked vehicles, making walking along it difficult. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I have had some conversations with a few people who are going through or dealing with some difficult aspects of their lives.  Each situation has its own unique components but all the individuals have indicated in some way that living through whatever is going on is not easy.  These conversations have caused me to pause and give some thought to what it takes to make it through situations or deal with problems when it is not easy.

My Lord has told me that just because I believe in him and put my trust in him, that doesn’t mean all the troubles of life will disappear.  In fact, Scripture gives indication through Jesus’ words to the disciples that because of their belief and following of him, they may encounter more troubles.  The promise that the Lord does give me if I believe in him is that he will be right beside me when troubles arise.  Belief in Jesus is not some magical pill or panacea that makes life just a beautiful journey through green pastures and in beautiful sunshine.  Life has those moments of great joy but life also has those moments of ugliness.  The green pastures have snakes that exist within them and those snakes are always on the ready to strike at my feet.  That beautiful sunshine will be covered over with massive storm clouds at times or can also burn if given the chance.

For me, the only remedy that allows me to get through the times that are not easy in life, is my belief in Jesus Christ.  Specifically in these situations it is the knowledge that I do not walk those difficult paths alone.  I know that the Lord is there to support me.  I know that the Lord is there to pick me up when I fall and scrape myself up.  I know that the Lord is there to help get back on the path when I wander off in an effort to avoid what is ahead.  I know that the Lord is there to give me words of assurance and to be my greatest encourage as I slog my way through whatever I am experiencing.

The truth is that it isn’t easy.  What do you do when it’s not easy?  I turn to my belief in Jesus Christ!


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  1. I like putting my hand into the right hand of God and walking with Him – when it gets really tough, I ask Him to carry me – when it gets absolutely awful, I ask Him to cover me with His hands – when I can hardly take it anymore, I ask if I can see Him…

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