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On my walk this morning I walked past this lighthouse on a point in the bay of the lake.  As I looked at the lighthouse, I thought about the role that lighthouses used to play in ship navigation.  Technology has usurped that role but the image of the lighthouse is still one that I think is helpful for us today.

The lighthouse was the method of warning for danger.  It alerted the ships that a reef or rocky shore was present.  The lighthouse provided the only warning for ships, especially in areas where fog could block the view of potential dangers.  We all need to have lighthouses in our lives to be warnings for us.  We also need to heed the warnings that those lighthouses provide for us.

Another important role of the lighthouse was to help ships identify their true locations.  See the beacon that was emitted from the lighthouse would let the captains know where they were in regards to the shore.  Since each lighthouse had a distinctive signal, they could also determine where the were along  the shoreline.  Again, we need those beacons of light in our lives.  We need to have someone/something help us determine where we are and the direction we should be going.

The little lighthouse in the picture sits on a point.  While it may not serve the same purpose that the larger lighthouses on bigger bodies of water once did, it still helps boaters and myself to see the point and know where we are.  It also provides a great reminder of the “lighthouses” of our lives.


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  1. I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

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