Time to Fish   2 comments

As I was walking by the lake this morning, I saw many fishermen out on the lake.  This made me think about our role as leaders in the world and in the church.  We have a responsibility to be fishing for people.  As leaders in the world, we should be seeking out those who have gifts and skills which with a little guidance and mentoring could help them to develop as leaders.  At the very minimum, they should be helped to strengthen their abilities and achieve greater success.

As leaders  in the church, we have a responsibility to help locate those who are seeking to hear about the Lord.  We need to share our experiences with the Lord so that they may have an opportunity to plug into our stories.  Jesus told those who he would name as his disciples to come and follow him and he would make them fish for people.  We are those disciples.

So next time you see a person fishing, think about how you are fishing for people, both as a leader in your profession and as a leader in the church.


2 responses to “Time to Fish

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  1. pressed “like” but with reservations…Jesus spent hours – in the early morning, late at night and sometimes all night praying. He did not just chose His followers – God gave them to Him. Wouldn’t just go randomnly out there picking and chosing, but they get a reference check from God first.

  2. This brought to mind the question we had at our DM Sat afternoon think tank……..Who mentored you and whom are you mentoring…….That keeps circling in my thoughts as I look around me….

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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