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When I was a young person in Sunday School, we used to sing a song that included this verse:

“Be careful what you say little mouth, little mouth.

Be careful what you say little mouth, little mouth.

For the Father up above is looking down in love,

So be careful what you say little mouth, little mouth.”

This verse came to my mind as I was thinking about a conversation that I was a part of yesterday.  It reminds me as a leader that I have been given the wonderful privilege of speaking to people in various settings.  With this privilege comes responsibility just as all privileges carry responsibility.  How I act upon that privilege is something that I need to take seriously.  I need to always keep in mind that when I speak to groups, especially in the church, I am speaking on behalf of the Lord.

As a leader, I believe that whether I am speaking in a church setting or in a community setting, I need to be mindful of the thoughts and concepts that I express.  I need to consider the nature of the individuals present as best as I can determine it.  I need be sure that the words I use and the ideas that I express are in keeping with the message that I am charged to share.  I also need to clearly state the difference between what is my opinion and what may come from facts or other sources.

Leaders have many people listening.  A leader does not always know who is hearing her/his words.  A leader does not always fathom how much of an impact his/her words may have on others.

So, in my opinion, leaders must understand that we have been given a great privilege to have others listen to our words.  A leader should never take this privilege lightly.  Each leader must be deliberate in choosing what and how they will communicate.

Now, I am also human just as all leaders are, so there are times I forget these very important concepts.  Those are the times that I need to admit my mistake and ask forgiveness of my listeners.  But as a leader, I must always strive to improve in this area and never take the privilege of being listened to for granted.


2 responses to “Be Careful What You Say

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  1. One of the most difficult tasks to learn…but learned, easily taken for granted – this was a great encouragement to remember the responsibiity is alwasy there

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