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I have a ceiling fan in my office.  Every once in a while I look up toward the ceiling when I am in contemplating a project or preparing to write something (like a blog post).  I am not sure if I am seeking divine inspiration or just trying to create a different focus but many times this seems to help.  Today was one of those times.  When I looked up to the ceiling this morning, the ceiling fan caught my eye.  It was going round and round because I have it on to circulate air naturally.  This led me to think about my day yesterday and how much I felt like that ceiling fan.

Yesterday started with me going out to help prepare for an auction.  Three others and I spent the morning caring items from the basement to the outdoors, cleaning up dead flies in a building which has been unoccupied since January 2011, and doing the other aspects that are necessary to prepare for an auction.  I then returned to the house, showered again, put on clean clothes, and headed back to the office.  I worked until after a staff meeting at 4:00 and then headed back out to assist the auctioneer and help host at the auction.  When the auction was done and everything cleaned up and counted, I returned home for some dinner and to prepare for work today.  I felt like I was going round and round most of the day.

Today, I am feeling the impact of yesterday’s activities.  My body is a bit sore and I am lacking some energy.  I was very glad when I got to the office and found that my task list and my appointments are very light today.  Today will probably be more of a recovery day than a high productivity day.  I said a prayer of thanks when this realization came to me.  The Lord definitely knew I need recovery.

I am sure that many of the rest of you have had days that you feel like you are just going around in circles and expending high amounts of energy.  Just remember to take a recovery day.  In fact, ask the Lord to arrange those recovery days for you and you will be surprised the benefits that will arise.


Posted June 22, 2012 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Leadership, Life

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  1. Serious note – He does give us recovery days – less serious note – ceiling fans scare me. I think they will soon dismount from the ceiling and cut my head off in the process – weird I know…

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