Turning Up the Heat   2 comments

air conditioner

air conditioner (Photo credit: Rob Ireton)

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far.  It is a day like this that makes me very grateful for the invention of the air conditioner.  I have plenty of work to do at the office so I think hibernating inside will be a very good plan.  These warmer temperatures caused me to think about what happens when the heat is turned up in our lives.  The heat may be caused by an excessive workload on a given day or in a week.  The heat may be caused by conflicts in our lives.  The heat may be caused by challenges from external forces.  My true question is how do I respond when the heat of life is turned up?

As I mentioned before, when the temperature outside starts increasing pass the eighty degree mark, I turn on the air conditioner.  In other aspects of my life I also have “air conditioners.”  One of the first places that I go to be cooled is to prayer.  Having a Lord who is ready to listen to me vent or to share concerns or to seek guidance is a valuable asset for me.  My second avenue for relief from the heat of life is a very wonderful group of friends, who also happen to be believers.  They are able to help me sort through the emotions of whatever is causing heat in my life and to provide other viewpoints for me to consider.  These friends are like the Lord in their willingness to let me vent if that is what I truly need.

Leaders are often in the midst of the heat of life.  Many times we are the ones to whom others come when their lives are experiencing heat.  So one of the best contributions that I can offer others during their high heat moments is the example I give as I deal with those moments in my life.  Encouraging others to take advantage of “air conditioners” in their lives, or maybe even installing “air conditioners” in their lives is a valuable gift to offer others.

What are your “air conditioners?”


2 responses to “Turning Up the Heat

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  1. I think my air conditioners are people that greet me with a smile and are always there to offer encouragement. It was 106 degrees in Waco Texas today so we can use all the smiles and encouragement we can get down this way.

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