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Well, I am back.  After having been gone for over a week, I now am trying to refocus and redirect myself.  However, I cannot forget the discussions that I was a part of over the last week.  My thoughts often return to those discussion and to the decisions that took place during the week.  I find it hard right now to redirect towards the daily activities that are the norm for me.  I guess that means that in some ways I was changed in the events of last week.

I do not view the possible changes from last week as a negative.  I find growth in these thoughts.  Over the last week I was exposed to many different voices.  I also had opportunity to reconnect with voices from my past.  The combination of all these voices helped me to grow and to view many directions my life has taken and new ones that are possibilities.  These voices will resonate in my mind for some time to come.  My goal is to hear in these voices, the voice of the Lord.  By sorting through all the voices to find the Lord’s voice, I am confident that I will find affirmation, challenges, redirection, and hope.

I think that it is very important for leaders to have experiences such as these.  As leaders, we can easily get into routines.  Even if we faithfully read and explore other ideas, when we are able to interact with voices which are different from our own or from settings different from our own, then we can truly experience a breath of fresh air.  As a leader, I must always strive to grow and to expand my boundaries.  Having an opportunity like I did last week is such a blessing.

But alas, like I mentioned at the start of this blog, it is time for me to redirect my thoughts and resume my duties in this location.  Yet, even as I redirect, those voices will continue to resonate in my mind and will challenge me to move forward.  I believe this is a good thing!


5 responses to “Redirection

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  1. Redirecting is difficult, returning to the everyday is sometime hard – soon it will be natural again

  2. When the astronauts returned from then moon, they spent some time in quarantine before returning to their daily lives. Maybe a mission as demanding as General Assembly needs some re-entry time as well. Blessings as you start to get your juggling balls back into the air!

  3. Praying for you as you assimilate what you’ve learned this past week or so. Isn’t it great that God is a light to our path? I’m looking forward to hearing what God has taught you!

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