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Excuses messin cover

Excuses messin cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About a year ago, I began this blog.  One of the rules that I placed on myself is that I would post on the blog every Tuesday through Friday.  I fulfilled that promise very well over the next 40 or so weeks.  However, this summer, I have really fallen off.  I can make many excuses like I have been traveling a lot this summer and I spent a few weeks in a hospital room beside my sons bed.  However, I know that I still had access to the internet almost the entire time and could have blogged even using my smart phone.  So those excuses are nothing more than excuses.  The one lesson that all this has taught me is that habits, good or bad, can be formed but they also can be broken.

I find this to be a very valuable lesson.  The value that I see in this lesson is within the understanding of bad habits.  None of us want to break the good habits that we have in life.  However, the bad habits are something that we often declare are near to impossible to break.  This experience has told me that while the bad habits may be very difficult to overcome, they can be overcome.  We can lose those bad habits just as we lose the good habits.

So now I have two challenges to face.  The first challenge is to regain my habit of regular blog posts.  I will be once again attending and volunteering at the State Fair so I will recommit myself to blogging daily about my experiences at the fair.  The second challenge is to face the bad habits in my life and strive to lose those habits.  I know that losing the bad habits will not be quite as easy as it has been to lose the good habit of blogging regularly, but I also know now that it is not an impossible task.



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