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One of the driving forces in my life is a calling I feel to give hope to the hopeless.  Like many people, there have been times (and will be more times) in my life when I feel a sense of hopelessness.  Everyone has times when life deals some difficult blows and it appears that there is no way out of a situation.  I feel called to reach out to those people and to walk with them as they go through those difficult times.  I feel called to try to guide them to a point where they can once again see hope.


A problem with this type of call is that not everyone is going to take a direct path back to hope.  When walking with those individuals, I have to remind myself that my purpose is to walk with them.  My purpose is not to shove them towards hope.  My purpose is not to impose my ideas of the best path toward hope for them.  My purpose is not to get upset when they reject the guidance that I try to provide.  My purpose is to walk the path.  Sometimes walking that path in silence and maybe even in the shadows at times.


My understanding of my purpose in this situation is not my own but rather is modeled after my Lord.  Jesus came to give hope to the lost (those who have lost hope).  Jesus chose to walk the path beside those individuals and guide when the opportunities presented themselves.  But even though we may reject his guidance and create a very indirect path of our own, Jesus continues to walk the path with us.  Jesus does not abandon any of us and yearns for the day we will return to the hope.  That is what I must do, I must continue to walk and yearn for the day that those I am called to journey with will return to the hope – the true hope found in Jesus alone.


So today and each day, I will strive to reach out to those who feel hopeless.  I will strive to walk the path with them.  I will yearn for the day they return to hope and walk beside them until they do.


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