Broken Pieces   1 comment

Broken Glass

Broken Glass (Photo credit: thisreidwrites)

I walk through life and what do I see – BROKEN PIECES

I hear people speak and what do I hear – BROKEN PIECES

I listen to their stories and what do the speak of – BROKEN PIECES

I watch the tears and how do they fall, as – BROKEN PIECES

This summer, I was awakened to the broken pieces that far too many people have become.  I became aware of the way life has broken so many people.  Sure, they may have a great facade and seem to have everything together in the right order but when you are allowed to go behind that facade, you see the brokenness.  I witnessed the hammer come down on an individual this summer and longed to pick up the pieces of their shattered life and put them back together.

Because of this, I found myself drawn to recommit myself to work with the broken pieces.  I have a longing to help create a place that is safe for people to bring their broken pieces and try to put them back together.  I know that I will not be able to put the pieces back together but I might be able to supply the glue.  If nothing else, I can at least hold the pieces in my hand until the rebuilding can begin.  I also know who can help put the pieces back together so many I can introduce (or re-introduce) the person to that One.

So many broken pieces, I want to pick them up, one by one.


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