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Iowa fans make an "I" with their arm...

Iowa fans make an “I” with their arms as a flag is waved during the 2008 Iowa-Iowa State football game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, the week is here.  We are one just a few days from the annual Iowa – Iowa State football game.  This year I will get to go.  I find myself every year gaining more and more excitement as the week progresses.  For people in a state that does not have any professional teams, this is one of the biggest events of the year.  This game is so much different from any other that Iowa plays during the season.  The “normal” expectations tend to go out the window because this rivalry creates a dynamic that tends to alter both teams when they take the field.  During the rest of the season, I can cheer for Iowa State but this is the game that divisions are clear.  Whatever the outcome of the game, the excitement is what makes this week a great joy.


This got my thoughts going about what builds excitement in life.  As a leader, I sometimes struggle with identifying what will generate excitement within those that I lead.  I know that having a clear direction and good communication helps to facilitate excitement.  However, it is not always easy to predict what will cause a spike in excitement.  I often find myself trying a variety of different approaches and ideas.  Sometimes I am successful and other times I miss the mark completely.


Then I started thinking about what it would look like to see excitement build among believers.  I read in the New Testament about times when in Jesus’ ministry there was great excitement among the followers.  But it seems that the excitement is fleeting.  What would excitement in worship look like?  What would excitement in service look like?  What would excitement in spiritual growth look like?  How much of an impact could excited believers have on the communities in which they live?  I think as a church leader, I am always hoping to see those things but often missing the boat.


Any ideas on building excitement?  I’d love to hear them.



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