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What would happen if worship was like a party?  This question came into my mind as I was reading some Twitter posts.  This one was posted:

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Catholic church sign listed mass times. And then it said “Come party with us.” except it actually said “pray”. Hmm.

It made me really stop and consider the invitation to come party with us.  Why can’t worship be like a party?  I know for many years we have viewed worship in the Church as a reverent event.  But let’s pause and think a while about why we worship in the Christian Church and especially throw in  their the meaning of Communion (Holy Eucharist, Celebration of the Last Supper, or whatever language we attach to the sacrament).  When we stop and realize that one of the most significant event for Christians is the death on a cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we should definitely be having an attitude of celebration.

Worship should be a celebration that recognizes that since Jesus died on the cross, we are released from the burden and the punishment of our sins.  We are allowed to soar when before we could only crawl under the weight of our sins.  Worship should be a celebration that recognizes that because God raised Jesus from the grave through the power of the Holy Spirit and we are grafted into Jesus by our belief in him, we have been raised from the grave even before we take our last breath on this side of death.  Worship should be a celebration because of God creating us and all that is in the known universe and beyond.  Worship should be a celebration because God continues to sustain us, guide us, encourage us, redirect us.  WORSHIP SHOULD BE A CELEBRATION!!!!

So why can’t worship be more like a party than a theological lecture at a university?  I think that it is only because we, humans, choose to not allow it to be.  I think it would be a lot easier for us to invite others if we could say:  “Come party with us,” instead of “Come to church with us.”




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  1. I really am embracing the idea/deed/worship of PARTY WITH THE PRESBYS !! Worship in joy…. Exciting….

    Kinser Connie & Jim
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