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For me, one of the most difficult decisions in life is making a high dollar purchase.  I do not like to spend a large amount of money or to take out loans to purchase a high dollar item.  I think that it is because for a large portion of my early life, I did not have a lot of money.  My parents were wonderful and always provided for me but since my father was a self-employed individual in a very small community and my mother did odd jobs or worked part-time, there was not a lot of money for “extras.”  When I went to college and paid all my college expenses myself, I worked part-time but was often in debt and just managed to get by with the help of my college financial aid office and some unique financial maneuvering.  After leaving college and get a great job, I still had many debts to pay off including a mountain of student loans.  Then I did the credit card shuffle and after getting married continued that shuffle which created an even large mound of debt.  I went through a time of changing jobs and not making good financial decisions before deciding to going back and getting my Masters degree which just delayed and increased my debt load.  Only in the last few years can I say that my financial situation is stabilized and the burden is much more manageable.  Yet, through all this I learned many valuable lessons and one of the greatest is to NEVER over-extend myself again.  That is why I think I’m adverse to making high dollar purchases.


Yet, the time has come that I need to shop for a different car.  The one that I am driving is a 2002 which I purchased in 2003.  It is a great car and I dearly love it but as now there is over 170,000 miles on it and I am noticing it showing its age a bit more, I think I need to take the leap.  I rely heavily on having a reliable vehicle because of my job and the many reasons that I have to travel.  More and more I am feeling nervous about the reliability of my car for trips beyond a 50-mile radius.  So guess it is time.


I have been doing some online research and browsing for a few weeks.  I think that I have finally found a car that I am very interested in and that seems to be in the price range that is manageable.  So the plans are to go look at it and test drive it today.  I may actually take the leap.  I have been also praying for the Spirit’s guidance in making a wise decision.  We will see.



Posted September 20, 2012 by thoughtfulbeliever in Life

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