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I was looking outside my office window this morning and noticed that some of the leaves on the tree that sits outside my office are starting to go from green to yellow.  It’s hard to believe that it is that time of year already but the truth is, tomorrow is the first official day of Fall.  The trees will begin their annual change in colors.  Granted, the particular tree that I mentioned is always the first to change colors and the first in the neighborhood to lose its leaves each year.  However, the change is definitely on its way and it will not be long until all the trees in the neighborhood will be filled with color and then bare.

This has caused me to think about change once again.  Today, two concepts regarding change have come into my mind.  The first is that change is often out of our control.  The tree did not consult me about when to start changing the color of its leaves from green to yellow.  In fact, the tree does not really have any control of the process itself.  It is part of a natural process that occurs and has a cyclical nature to it.  Which leads to my second observation regarding change.

Change is inevitable.  I know that every year around late September or early October, the leaves on the trees will begin to change from a green or dark color to different hues of yellow, orange, and red.  This is inevitable.  It is an ongoing reality of life.  Which is true of all aspects of life, change will happen.  It is not a case of if but a case of when.  So it is better not to try to fight it (you will not win) but to identify the positives that can be obtained while going through change.

Thank you Lord for the gift of change.  Thank you Lord for the reminders of these truths through your displays in creation.  Thank you Lord for walking with me in the midst of change.


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