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Many years ago, Stephen Curtis Chapman wrote a song entitled,  “When You Are A Soldier.”  This song has been one that I turn to various times throughout my life.  This week, I have listened to this song once again.  I find it to be a very important message from the Lord to anyone who is in a leadership role because many times leaders are engaged in a variety of battles.

This week the line that resonates with me continuously is:

“And when the arrows start to fly
Take my hand and hold on tight
I will be your shield, ’cause I know how it feels
When you are a soldier”

Many times as a leader, you encounter individuals who stand on the sides and shoot arrows at you.  They may disagree with the direction that you are leading.  They may have issues of their own which they are battle and need someone else to feel their pain.  They may desire to be in control and envy that you have been chosen to lead and others have chosen to follow your lead.  There may be a whole multitude of reasons.  The individuals can often justify their actions and usually lift up a noble cause as the reason for their actions.  Whatever their motivations, their actions have definite impact.

Leaders are often reminded that one necessity for a leader is to have a tough skin.  Leaders seem to naturally have a target painted on them.  Criticism and second guessing come with the territory.  Yet no matter how tough of a skin a leader has or the way that a leader can intellectually accept that they are going to receive criticism and be second guessed.  Even if a leader realizes that part of the territory is that people are going to say and do hurtful things, the reality is that it still hurts and can wound deeply when the arrows hit their mark.

The song that Stephen Curtis Chapman wrote contains words that do not take away the pain, but they at least provide a soothing ointment on the soul of the leader.  The knowledge that the Lord truly understands the pain since he experienced it himself while on earth provides some relief.  The knowledge that the Lord is there in the midst of the pain and that the Lord is always a friend no matter what hurtful things are said about you is a blessing.

So if you have a time when you feel you are under attack, I encourage you to listen to this song and know that the Lord “will help you find your way through the night.”



3 responses to “When The Arrows Fly

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  1. The choir surrounds !!

    Kinser Connie & Jim
  2. That song is also one of my favorites – I also go to it when I need encouragement. Garry and I had a rough winter = listened to it a lot!

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