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puzzle piece graphic

puzzle piece graphic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many years ago, a famous celebrity sang a song that became a huge hit and was very helpful to many adolescents and adults.  The famous celebrity was Kermit, The Frog, and the song that he sang was, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”  Kermit is lamenting about being a color that doesn’t stand out and seems quite ordinary.  But then he ends the song stating that he is what he is and it actually is good.

I think that there are many times in our lives that we question why we are who we are and lament to be something different.  There are also times when we feel quite different from others.  We may even be placed in situations where we are raising a voice that seems alone and does not fit very well with the voices around us.  Like Kermit, we may wish to be something different.

However, we have been made to be the wonderful piece of the puzzle of which we are a part.  As a puzzle piece we are unique and only we can fill a certain place in life’s puzzle.  There are times when we blend in as part of a beautiful image and other times when we stand out.  I have a very important role and voice which are vital to the Creator’s plan of life.

So like Kermit, we need to come to the realization that while it may not always be easy being what we are created, we are good and play a very necessary role.  The next time you are feeling too ordinary or too unique, take time to listen to a good friend, Kermit.  He will remind you that while it may not be easy, you are definitely who you were intended to be.


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