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JOY (Photo credit: Foreign Imagery)


It seems to me that each day provides two very important choices to us.  We can choose if this day is going to be filled with joy or if this day is going to be filled with gloom.  Yes, I know, there are a lot of variables that impact the outcome of a given day but the truth is that we make the choice on how we respond to the day.


Today is the third day in a row that we have experienced cloudy skies and some form of moisture.  I am a person that operates with much more energy on sunny days than I do on cloudy days.  So having three cloudy days in a row, and knowing that this is the type of pattern that I will see a lot in the next few months since that is normal for winter, I can easily get a bit down.  But today I am making it my challenge to choose joy instead of glum.


So here is a list of reasons why this day could be filled with joy:


  • We are receiving moisture – since our area has been in drought conditions for months, any moisture we receive in any form is a blessing
  • I get to help with the high school marching band for the last time this year – I love being involved with the marching band and a fabulous group of students, parents, and an awesome band director
  • I get to enjoy a pasta dinner with the band and parents tonight – I love pasta
  • I get to be part of a wedding – I enjoy seeing  joy and love in the faces of individuals
  • I get to prepare for a trip to Washington, D.C. – I love traveling and since I am a history/political science geek, I love our nation’s capital
  • I get to attend another Iowa Hawkeye Football Game this weekend – I love the Hawks!


See, there are plenty of reasons to find joy in today.  I am sure other reasons will come in unexpected ways.


My challenge for you today is for you to make a choice, will this be a day of joy or a day of gloom.  Making a list may be helpful!


Count Your Blessings



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