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demon inside

demon inside (Photo credit: Melinda Taber)


I am a person who loves horror movies.  I have loved horror movies since I was a kid.  My favorites include:  Halloween (none after the second one), Amityville Horror, The Exorcist (not the sequel), and the Omen Trilogy   I look forward to this time of year because the TV stations run some of these wonderful horror movies.  Unfortunately, work and other commitments do not allow me to sit and watch them all endlessly but I have caught a couple recently.  During this time, we often hear talk about witches, goblins, and demons.  While I know all of these are fictional, I think that the imagery of demons can be applied to some aspects of our lives.

Today, I engaged in a discussion on-line regarding demons in our lives.  The discussion came out of looking at the recording of an event in the life of Jesus where he encountered a man in a cemetery that had evil spirits within him and Jesus cast out the spirits into a herd of pigs.  Recorded in this event is Jesus asking the name of the evil spirit. (See Mark 5:1-20) My friend made mention that it is significant for us to name our demons so that we are able to allow the Lord to help us remove them.  I could not agree more.

In addition to the great value of taking the step to name them so that we can seek the Lord’s help in removing them, I think by naming them, we are given power over them.  If we either deny the existence of the demons in our lives or choose to be unaware, we are giving those demons power over us.  The minute those demons are brought out into the light and named, they can no longer exist in the shadows of our lives.  They must, and can be, dealt with at that point.

So I am going to recommit myself to naming the demons in my life.  I know the power of the Lord to overcome those demons so after naming them, I will be seeking that power to remove them from me.

May all your demons be fictional, and for the ones that are not, name them and then ask the Lord to remove them from you.


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