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mud puddle

mud puddle (Photo credit: zen)

Have you ever noticed what an impact your mood has on what you accomplish?  I am definitely not a psychologist but just from my observation, mood is a significant controller of life.  The difficulty I believe is that there are so many different influences on my mood.  Today began as a bright sunny day, now the clouds have moved in and suddenly my mood takes a downward turn and my energy level goes in the same direction.  Last night I stayed up to hear all the speeches after the election so I got much less sleep than I should and my mood is very lethargic so I feel lethargic at work.  There are so many different ways that my mood is impacted but depending on my mood, that is the direction of my energy, productivity, and general response to aspects of life.

So this has led me to take pause and think about how I can manage my mood.  I think the first realization that I have come to in my deliberation is that I have choice in regards to my mood.  Yes, the initial impact of the variables in my life may cause a change in mood but I can make the choice whether I am going to allow that mood to continue or if I am going to put an end to the impact the variables initially had on my mood.  A visual for me is this…. I may be walking along a path on a day after it rains, lose my footing and slip into a mud puddle.  I can stand there with my feet in the mud puddle which is unpleasant, or I can choose to step out of the mud puddle and continue on my walk.  Sometimes I think I forget that I have that choice and I remain trapped in the mud puddle and complain about being there.

So while I am still very sleepy today, while the sun is still shielded by the clouds, and while I have some work-related issues that seem to be ongoing problems, I still have the ability to choose my mood.  I can get out of the mud puddle and keep walking or I can just wallow in the mud.  I am going to try to choose to get out of the mud puddle.

Have a great day!


Posted November 7, 2012 by thoughtfulbeliever in Experiences, Life

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