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Today is a fairly breezy day where I live and work.  As I looked out my office window this morning, I watched leaves blowing down the street.  Watching led me to think about how easy it appears that the leaves just move down the street with what seems to be no effort on their part.  It is almost like watching a dance or ballet as they glide and then every once in a while do a flip or tumble move.  How effortless it all appears without any cares holding them down.

Then I stopped to think that they do not have any control.  They do not control the direction which they go.  They do not control when they move and when they stop.  They cannot avoid danger, like a car that may be coming down the street.  The leaves are completely at the mercy and the action of the wind.  So while little effort is required, the trade is no decision-making power.

While I observed all of this taking place, the thought came into my mind that some people are like the leaves.  Some people choose a direction in life that will require little effort on their part but has significant consequences as a result.  These individuals let others control where they go, how they think, and what their future might be.  They relinquish significant decision-making power to others in an attempt to avoid having to put in the effort of self-determined living.

This is not how we were created.  The Creator chose to give us the abilities to think and reason through life.  The Creator gave us gifts to use in life that would help us shape our own futures and to avoid dangers.  The Creator never intended us to be controlled by others but instead to be a blessing to others.  The Creator did not even dictate that we must do exactly what was laid out for us at the point of our creation.  Instead, we choose to follow the direction of the Creator.  We choose to live our lives within the boundaries of the Creator’s design.  Now this means that life is going to take effort.  We have to put in the effort to learn, to grow, to study, to listen, to do.

So I encourage myself and all people to not be blowing in the wind like the dry leaves in the street, instead put in the effort to live life.  Put in the effort to learn and grow and make your own decisions.  Put in the effort to determine your path and who you will follow.  The end result is much more rewarding.


2 responses to “Blowing In The Wind

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  1. This is great. Comforting while making me nervous at the same time, because it is hard to know what is the best way to put that effort. Thanks for writing this and posting.

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