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One of the important tasks of a leader is to take time every so often and do some evaluation.  This evaluation must be in-depth and look at all aspects of your life.  Time must be spent on looking at the organization which we lead.  Is the direction we are going the best direction for the organization?  Are the right players in place?  Do we have a good sense of where we are headed and why we are headed in that way?  Is my leadership the right leadership to move the organization in the right direction?  Are those being led feeling energized about where the organization is going and the steps that are being taken?  All these questions and more need to be examined and answered.

Another important, and often overlooked, area that a leader needs to evaluate is their personal life.  Am I doing what I feel called to do with my life?  Are my priorities in proper alignment?  Do the ways I spend my time, my energy, my money and resources reflect my priorities?  What are my passions right now?  Am I able to pursue my passions in the areas I have committed myself to?  How are the relationships in my life?  Which relationships are adding benefit and which ones are causing drain?  How am I benefiting others?  Where is the joy in my life?  How is my physical health?  What changes or corrections do I need to make?  All of these questions are vital to ensure that the leader is in a healthy place to lead.

We do not live in a vacuum.  One area in a leader’s life has direct impact on the other areas of our lives.  Many leaders try to

Question mark in Esbjerg

Question mark in Esbjerg (Photo credit: alexanderdrachmann)

compartmentalized but it is just a false attempt to ignore the interconnectedness of our lives.  So the evaluation must incorporate all aspects of our lives.  As a Christian, another vital area of my life to evaluate is my spiritual well-being.  I need to ask how my relationship with the Lord is and the various elements of that relationship.  My faith is another area that impacts my whole life.  My faith cannot be compartmentalized to Sunday mornings.

What other evaluative questions might you ask?

What other areas should a leader examine and evaluate?



2 responses to “Evaluation Time

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  1. It’s so tough for me to take a minute to evaluate my life and my organization to ensure it is headed in the right direction. Great reminder!

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