Is It Greed?   2 comments

Best Buy store. Image is cropped.

Best Buy store. Image is cropped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw on my local news station a story about two individuals who already waiting outside of a Best Buy store in anticipation of Black Friday.  (See Shoppers Already Lined Up)  As I watched this news story, I had to ask myself …. WHY?  What would possess individuals to get in line over a week ahead of the day when special savings deals are being held?  What does this say about the lives of these individuals?

As we approach another holiday season and another period of buying gifts for Christmas, I have to wonder about our obsession to have.  I do not think there are many individuals in this country that do not suffer from this obsession.  I am just as guilty as any other person.  I know that there are different extremes of this obsession but it is still an obsession.  We always want more or different or better.  Christmas gift purchasing highlights this obsession I believe.  As we ask one another what is wanted for Christmas, there never seems to be a lack of a list.  Children may be more vocal and a bit more demanding in the building of their lists but they only are following the example of behavior that adults set.

So does all of this come down to greed?  There are twenty-five mentions of the word greed in the New International Version of the Bible.  None of these are presented in a very positive light.  In Ephesians 5:3 it is even listed as one of the sinful natures that believers are supposed to strive to overcome.  In fact, included in that verse with greed are sexual immorality and any impurities.  So it is obviously something that we should avoid.

Back to the news story – I don’t know what is possessing these two ladies from sitting outside a Best Buy over a week in advance of the sale so that they can be first in line.  Whatever the reason, I am not sure that it is extremely healthy or wise.  But the positive aspect of this is to remind me to be mindful of the greed in my life.  Especially, I will be watchful during this holiday season.


2 responses to “Is It Greed?

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  1. Thank you for a thoughtful post. For many years now, I have generally refused to purchase material items as gifts for holidays, birtheday’s, etc. Rather, I make a donation in the recipients name to international foundations such as Doctor’s W/O Borders, Save the Children, Smile Train, Heifer Foundartion, etc. When I purchase a goat or a flock of chick’s to benefit an impoverished family in Africa, I know that this gift will be returned many times over. Not only will a family have a chance of self-sufficiency by selling the eggs the chicks produce and the milk the goat produces, they will also have funds to send their children to school. When I donate money to Smile Train, I know that a child born w/ a cleft palate will have a chance at a childhood nor scarred by the cruelties often faced by those who look “different”. When I see people in this country fighting, brawling, pushing, biting, shoving just to be one of the few who gets to purchase the newest fad in technology, clothing, footwear, etc., I feel a sense of disbelief and loathing at the greed and insensitivity. I can find no other ‘civilized’, ‘developed’ country on the face of the planet that behaves in such a fashion. Conversely, when I see a crowd of people in Africa, parts of Asia, Latin America, etc., pushing and shoving, I feel a sense of sadness that these people must fight in such a manner just to be one of the ‘lucky’ who is able to grasp a bottle of water or a bag of oats.

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