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Washington, DC National MallThis morning while sitting in my office, I noticed a flash of light outside my window.  Naturally, I immediately turned towards the window to determine the source of the light.  Upon my examination, I realized that what caused the flash was the sun reflecting off a car and into a window of a nearby home.  That was how a light flash seemed to occur outside.  This caused me to ponder for a moment the significance of reflections.  The window of the house and the window of the car reflected the light of the sun.  What is it that I reflect?

I decided that the one thing that I wanted to reflect more than anything else is the light of the “Son.”  By this, I mean that I want to reflect the light of Christ.  The church focuses a lot on the light of Christ.  Especially during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, there is a lot of talk about Jesus being the “light to the world.”  At the start of the worship service in my church, we have individuals carry a flame into the worship space and declare that it is the light of Christ coming into our gathering.  At the end of that same worship service, we have an individual carry the light out of the worship space declaring that Christ’s light goes out into the world and that we are to carry that light out with us.

So I want to reflect that light in my life.  I want others to see Christ’s light in me and radiating out from me.  I want to strive to be the best reflection of Jesus that I can be.  Hopefully, I will be that flash of light that causes people to stop what they are doing and investigate the source of light just like I did in my office this morning.


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