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Calendar, November

Calendar, November (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is my first blog post since the start of a new month.  So following the discipline that I started last month, I want to pause and reflect on the month that just concluded.  What were the meaningful aspects of the month of November?


November was definitely a month of activity.  One of the most significant events to me was that I took on a new leadership role within the church.  I was elected to serve as moderator of our regional body.  I view this role not as one of prestige (although I am deeply honored to be asked to serve in this role) but more one of servant leadership.   I intend to treat this role as one in which I serve my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.  I have no idea how that will play out but I am eager to serve.


Of course the week of Thanksgiving is always meaningful.  I was able to pick up my father on Wednesday and enjoyed spending the holiday with him in our home.  The car ride always allows us opportunity to talk in deeper ways than just over the phone once a week.  Whenever I am able to spend time with my dad, memories seem to flood into my mind.  I recall many holidays spent with him, my mother, my sisters, and our extended family.  It was always a great time that I looked forward to.


I also had a wonderful meeting with colleagues at the end of the month.  Together, we discussed ways to encourage and transform the structure of our organization.  We planned a retreat for next month.  We affirmed and supported some transforming work happening in a specific location.  We always look at creative ways to continue to move forward and that always challenges me to continue to be creatively transformed.


So reflecting on the month that we set aside a day to give thanks, I am thankful for these meaningful experiences in my life.



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