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English: The initial "launch" tunnel...

English: The initial “launch” tunnel on Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever noticed how a new idea or a new project can generate new energy in individuals and groups?  This week I was part of some discussions regarding a new idea.  I was amazed as I observed the conversation among the group.  This group has been in existence for quite some time but I witnessed a re-energizing of the group as the discussions continued.  It was just as if someone had breathed some new life into the group.  There was a sense of excitement as various possibilities were discussed.  It truly was a great joy to be a part of this energizing experience.

What I took away from those discussions was a reminder of the importance of what it takes to keep a group vital.  For many groups it is very easy to become stagnant.  The image of pond water comes to mind.  Sure the group is still alive but there isn’t much energy and with time the group may even begin to smell, so to speak.  But if you introduce a new idea, concept or project, it is like you break down one of the side walls of the pond and start a hose running from the opposite side.  A flow begins that is filled with energy.  Movement begins to take place.  The old moves out and refreshing water flows into the body.

So as a leader of many different groups and organizations, I am reminded today of the importance of encouraging creative thoughts.  I am reminded of the importance of dreaming and looking outside of the normal.  I am reminded of the importance of being open and listening for new thoughts, concepts, and projects.


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