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Today I had planned to blog on a different subject but in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, I feel I need to respond in some manner.  Our nation once more mourns the lost of innocent lives.  We search for answers that are not obtainable.  We seek to place blame as a way to lessen our grief.  We shed tears.  We lower flags to half staff.  We ask when this type of thing is going to end.  Some people call for the elimination of allowing anyone besides law enforcement from carrying guns. We feel completely helpless.  So what do we do?


First, we need to be clear.  There never will be answers to such a tragedy.  No one is able to understand the thoughts that went through the mind of the shooter.  Experts will theorize and authorities may find written evidence but the real truth is that we will never fully understand the individual’s thoughts.  Without understanding those thoughts, we cannot have a full answer to what would lead someone to do such an act.  Even if we were able to have some understanding, it can never explain away the results of the action.  Theories will abound but they will always only be theories.


So without answers, what is there left for us to do.  The first thing to do is grieve.  Grieve for the victims and their families.  Grieve for those who witnessed the events, for those who experienced the terror, for those who came to the scene to provide safety, medical care, and comfort.  We must stop and realize that this event impacts us all because we are called to care for all of our fellow human beings.


The next thing we can do is to talk to our children, to our grandchildren, and/or any children that are in our lives.  Talk with them about the reason we grieve.  Talk with them about how the choices we make impact so many others.  Talk with them about the many resources available when they feel life is difficult, unfair, or hopeless.  Talk with them about how to resolve issues in a healthy manner.  Hopefully if we start changing the mindset of our youth, we can make a positive impact that will reduce tragedies such as this one.


Another action which we can take is to pray.  Pray for all the people involved.  Pray for the sadness of the situation.  Pray for the conditions that lead to such a tragedy.  Pray for those trying to provide care for all who have been affected.  Pray for the Lord’s guidance in the days ahead.  Pray for one another.






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