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Snowstorm (Photo credit: aka hakon)

It seems this week contains a lot of predictions.  Today in my area there is a prediction for a high amount of snow fall and blizzard-like conditions.  We all know about the prediction that the Mayans are supposedly to have made that the world will end on this Friday.  This week in the sports section of the newspaper, there were predictions regarding major changes in 2013.  I guess there is a part of me that would like to know what special gifts people have for making all these predictions.  I struggle to predict what will occur in the next five minutes, let alone 72 hours, twelve months, or thousands of years.  Yes, I realize that there are models that the weather people use which are based on scientific studies and probabilities but I think about the many times that those models do not match reality as it happens.  So my question is this, what good are predictions?  I think more important than actually answering my first question is answering another question, why are predictions important to us?

When it comes to the weather, predictions help us in planning and in providing some level of safety.  Even though we realize that the weather predictions are not fail-proof, we know that there is some level of accuracy to them.  These predictions help us to determine our travel plans, plans for outdoor activities, and preparations for potential bad weather.  The help to keep us safe by alerting us to tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and the likelihood of those occurring.  So weather predictions become important in the planning of our lives and protection our lives.

Predictions regarding the end of the world, however, lack any credibility or importance.  The prediction claim is that since the Mayans ended a calendar on December 21, 2012 so they must have obviously known that the world would end on that day.  That seems absolutely ludicrous to me.  I agree with some individuals observations that the calendar may have ended on that day because they ran out of room.  This seems much more of a likely scenario than the prediction that the world is going to end.

As far as the sports predictions, it really does not have a significant impact on my life so I do not become concerned with any of their predictions.  In fact, sports predictions are often less accurate than weather predictions by far and they are solely based on opinion.  Besides that, any one that can tell me they understand the mind of a coach, a professional athlete, or a college athlete, seems a bit shady at best.

The only predictions or prophesies that I care about are the ones that I find in Scripture.  The reason is that they are not predictions but instead are promises.  Since the fulfillment of those promises can be proven time and time again, I have confidence in the statements.  Since God is the one making the promises, I have even more confidence in the statements.  Since they directly impact me and are expressions of love, I have even more confidence in them.

So, best wishes on the predictions of the week.  I’m going to stick with the eternal predictions of my Lord.


2 responses to “Predictions

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  1. I have figured out that there are miles of differences between an opinion (prediction) and a fact… and as you said, the promises in the Bible have revealed them selves as facts from God, over and over.

    Kinser Connie & Jim
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