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I had the great opportunity to be on vacation from December 26 to January 4.  During that time for self-care reasons, I did not blog or do hardly anything that was part of my normal routine.  So those of you that have been faithful followers of my weblog have noticed that there have not been any entries.  Well, my vacation is now over and my hiatus from my almost daily posts has come to an end.

Self care is something in which I do not excel.  Several years back I started to see an importance in improving my physical well-being so I began regular exercise.  Initially I saw dramatic changes in my weight and in my general attitude toward life, however, I would say that in the last few years it has been more a maintaining mode in regards to my weight and overall physical well-being.  I even would have to say that some of the weight that I had taken off has returned (which frustrates me but apparently not enough for me to dramatically impact it).  Maintenance is not all bad as long as I don’t slip into the poor habits that I exhibited before making the changes.

In the areas of taking care of my mental and spiritual well-being, I am not often very good.  I tend to over-extend myself because I enjoy being involved.  I have far more that I wish to accomplish than is probably practical.  I take limited times when I focus on activities that just bring me pleasure.  There are a few exceptions to this since I have season tickets to both the Civic Center and to Iowa Hawkeye Football games.  Another exception would be the time I take off to volunteer at the Iowa State Fair.  However, those are the exceptions rather than the norms.

At the start of each year I tend to always say that I am going to do a better job of self-care.  I usually identify one item that I am going to do more of so that I can have an impact on my mental and spiritual well-being.  Yet, I find that I do not do a very good job of following through.  Last year I said that I was going to take time to attend a movie matinée at least once a month so I could have a mental redirecting, however, I can only recall once that I actually attended a movie

Quality of Life

Quality of Life (Photo credit: angrywayne)

matinée in 2012.

This past two weeks was definitely a great recharging opportunity for me.  I slept in, I eliminated aspects of my “normal” routines, and I tended to do just what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it for most of the time.  I still accomplished various tasks and am pleased that I improved my organization at home (a house in chaos tends to cause me stress so the organization does help me mentally).  Now my goal for 2013 is to follow through on the one item that I pick which will help me this year to be healthier mentally and spiritually.  I have not chosen that one item yet but I am sure when I do you will read about it at some point.

Hiatus is over, now it is time to get back to work and back to regular blog posts!



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  1. Good luck with getting to those matinees!

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