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christmas eve lunar infinity

christmas eve lunar infinity (Photo credit: champagne.chic)


Alright, I know it is already a week into the new month but since I was on hiatus last week and needed to comment on the hiatus yesterday, I am finally getting around to lifting up the meaningful aspects of last month.  So here is my list:


  • Enjoyed a wonderful day spent with one of my life and career mentors.
  • Spent time laughing and sharing with a close friend.
  • Attended a high school jazz band competition and heard some excellent musicians.
  • Gathered with some close friends and confidants to discuss a new concept.
  • Joined colleagues and friends in celebrating Christmas a few weeks before Christmas.  Had some great food also!
  • Had lunch with a colleague and new friend and did some dreaming.
  • Attended an Iowa Men’s Basketball game and enjoyed a great victory.
  • Gathered with family and friends to celebrate Christmas Eve and experience great joy and laughter.
  • Had an awesome vacation.


As I reflect on these meaningful aspects of last month, I notice that a majority involve relationships and wonderful people.  This is a thought that I will carry with me into this new month and new year.  The true meaning in life is found in those people who the Lord places in your life.


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