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I was looking at a church website recently and discovered this statement listed in their vision statement:


“Find more grace in the search for meaning than in absolute certainty, in the questions than in the answers.”


This is one statement that they used to describe themselves.  I thought how this seemed to dovetail the post that I wrote yesterday.   It affirms the value in wrestling with questions versus having certainty.   Now I know that most of us are not wired in this way.  I think we want certainty because it provides some level of control.  However, the more I explore my faith, the more I realize that encounter questions much more frequently than certainty.  After all, Scripture reminds us that faith is confidence in what is not seen, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)


So once again I am reminded of the great importance of questions rather than answers or certainty.  I am also reminded in the statement above that it is in the search there is grace discovered.


Let’s keep searching!




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  1. I understand your point but as an “answer man” I find I often get frustrated with people who enjoy the quest. Like most things, I think there is a time and place for answers and a time and place for the journey. In my ministry as a physician, I would argue that most of my patients would find little joy in the journey. They are ill or injured and want it fixed. While a challenging diagnosis can be interesting, I find the greatest joy in solving the mystery and being able to help someone heal.

    I too am involved in leadership in a variety of capacities. I have attended many meetings where everyone had their say, all viewpoints were heard and no decision was reached. I have given up time with my family or from work to attend these meetings. I walk away having invested several hours of time and am left wondering why. While I can’t say nothing was accomplished, I can say that the problem that the meeting was called to address still exists.

    On the other hand, I view my faith journey very differently. Here I do find the journey of great value. Maybe this is because while there are many very clear biblical truths, there is much I don’t yet know. I find myself wondering what new nugget God will reveal to me today. In talking to others, I am fascinated by what God has revealed to them and seeing how that fits in my life. Exploring scripture in a group of earnest fellow Christians always seems to lead to exciting new discoveries.

    So for me, there is a time for answers, and there is a time for discussion and exploration. The key is to know what time it is.

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