Need Watered   1 comment

Continuing my lessons from the plant on my desk, today’s instruction is:

Keep me moist at all times

One of the things that I really enjoy about my lucky bamboo is that since it grows in a bed of rocks and I have it in a clear, glass container, it is really easy for me to monitor the amount of water it has available with just a glance.  One of the reasons that I struggle with growing other plants is that I either forget to water them or I over water them.  This plant makes that virtually impossible.

Lucky Bamboo

As I pondered this instruction, I thought about the importance of keeping myself hydrated.  We all know that medical experts tell us that we can survive a lot longer without food than we can without water or some form of hydration.  So physically it is vital that I have regular intake of fluids.

I think this can also be said about our intellect and our spirit.  I must have regular watering of information to keep my intellect alive and thriving.  I must
My spirit also needs watering.  As a believer, I know that the Spirit provides the water that I need.  Sometimes the Spirit does the watering through the actions or words of others.  Sometimes I need to be the one that the Spirit uses to water the spirits of other people.  hear voices of individuals with varying perspectives.  I must read and expand my knowledge.  I must witness and experience life and understand what those things teach me.

So keeping my body, my mind, and my spirit watered is just as important as keeping my Lucky Bamboo watered for survival.




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