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I continue my posts inspired by my Lucky Bamboo…..Lucky Bamboo

There is a commercial on television right now that tells us, “If you are not whitening, you are yellowing.”  Today’s post has to do with the instruction for my plant that says:

If my leaves start to turn yellow, I’m getting too much sun or your water is making me sick. 

The last two posts were based on instructions to keep the plant out of the sun and moist at all times.  This one talks about too much sun and bad water.  As I read this instruction, I saw clear applications to my life.

First is that when there is something going wrong in my life, there will eventually be obvious signs.  For my plant, the sign is a change of color regarding the leaves.  They will change from green to yellow.  While, in most cases, there will not be a change in color noticeable on my skin if there is something wrong in my life, there will be signs.  I may be more irritable with people, especially those close to me.  I may struggle with focusing or concentrating.  I may have difficulties sleeping or eating.  These signs and others give a clear indication that something is wrong.

In my post last week regarding the sun, I likened the sun with the stresses in my life.  Too much heat (stress) was not a good thing.  I am not going to go into a lot of depth regarding this point other than to say that too much stress in my life will clearly present signs.  Signs that if go unnoticed can have a negative impact on my health and life overall.

The message regarding the water in this message reminds me of the importance of being cautious what I allow into my life.  Sometimes even those individuals or situations that may appear helpful, may instead be destructive.  They can make us “sick.”  When I took a computing course in college, the professor would often say to us,”Garbage in, garbage out.”  I think this applies to this situation.  If we allow garbage (bad water) into our lives, we can expect that it will have a damaging impact on our lives.  So I must be alert to what I am inviting into my life.

The last item worth noting is that this instruction reminds me of the importance of being alert to the signs in other people’s lives.  Just like my plant is dependent upon me to watch the color of the leaves to help insure a healthy plant, I need to be alert to the signs that may appear in others.  By noticing changes in their lives, I can be of assistance in reducing the stresses and/or changing what they are using to water their lives.

So the goal here is “no yellowing”!


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