A Little Fertilizer   1 comment

Today’s instruction for my Lucky Bamboo is:Lucky Bamboo

Give me a couple of drops of fertilizer each time you change the water and I will live forever! 

Wow!  There is so much in that instruction that can be understood within my life.  First is the importance of having something or someone who adds nutrients to my life.  We need those people and situations that give us that added boost to improve our life and our growth.  Stanley Ott asks the question, “Who is cheering you on?”  I need those cheerleaders, just as all of us are in need of cheerleaders.  Being a leader can be very lonely at times and the difficult situations that we face can be overwhelming.  However, if I have individuals and if I look for those situations that encourage me, I can be eager to grow and move forward.

The other portion of this instruction that stands out to me is the phrase, “… I will live forever!”  As a believer, I know that I will live forever.  In fact, I believe that everyone will live forever.  The question for me as a believer is whether I will be spending my forever in the presence or in the absence of God.  I know I will live forever in the presence of God because I have accepted and taken into my life the couple drops of fertilizer that the Lord has placed within me.  Those drops of fertilizer is the grace that God has put in my life through Jesus Christ.  That grace is definitely the only fertilizer that will allow me to live forever in the presence of God.

So today was the final instruction in the list that came along with my Lucky Bamboo.  I hope that you have all benefited from applying these instructions to your lives as much as I have benefited.


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