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Sparks in a Bunsen burner flame

Sparks in a Bunsen burner flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is always exciting as a leader when you see new energy being generated among those whom you are to lead.  Last night at a meeting, a group of leaders held a discussion regarding a new project that we are undertaking.  This is a group of leaders who I have had the privilege to lead for a number of years.  Over those years, they have worked hard at discerning a vision for the organization and tried to deal with the obstacles that slowed progression toward that vision.  Yet these individuals persevered and knew that something big was going to happen if they continued to move forward.  Well, something has happened and last night they formally accepted a new project that has the potential to move the organization in a very positive direction.

What I walked away from the meeting with was excitement over the new energy that I witnessed among the group members.  You could see excitement building and dreams being cast as the discussion continued.  This new energy was definitely an answer to prayers.  As anyone who has tried to lead an organization and finds themselves in what feels like a hamster wheel can attest to, the energy can easily be drained from you the longer you remain on the wheel.  It becomes very easy to give up on trying to move the organization forward and instead go into a maintenance mode.  However, with this new boost of energy from a very meaningful project, the whole outlook has changed.

I have no way of knowing how this project will play out.  It will require risk taking and a high level of commitment.  There definitely are no certainties related to it.  But seeing the new energy and enthusiasm among the group clearly makes the project very worth it.  The hope would be that the organization as a whole can also experience a new energy and enthusiasm.


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