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melting snow

melting snow (Photo credit: SFB579 :))

One of the things I like about this time of year is that we know that we are almost ready to transition from Winter to Spring.  Some years this happens earlier than others and none of us know the exact week in which it will take hold but we know that we are on the edge of a meaningful change.  There are many times in my life that I have felt the same feeling in my spirit.  I can sense that a meaningful change is going to occur.  I may not know exactly what it is or when it will happen but I can sense it.


A few months ago, I had this feeling in regards to the group that I lead.  I could tell that something meaningful was going to happen and that we were on the edge of a transition.  Over the last couple of months, I have started to see this move from a gut feeling to an actual meaningful project.  I am excited about the future direction of the organization and the impact this project will have on others.


The excitement that is caused by the anticipation of something meaningful can energize a person.  As you stand on the edge of a transition, you have something that propels you forward.  I can handle the last days of winter, even though I am so tired of the snow and cold, because I know that there is a change in sight.  Each day brings me closer to what I anticipate.


As a believer, this is how I can approach life.  While it is important to live in the day, I anticipate a meaningful change when I will be in  the fullness of the glory of my Lord.  I am excited about what I will experience.  I look at each day as being on the edge of this meaningful transition.  I do not know when the transition will occur or fully grasp what it will be like but I am propelled through each day by the concept.  The difficult days are bearable because I know this is not the end result.  I live on the edge.



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