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English: Oak tree near Millcombe Barn The base...

Recently, a friend of mine made the statement that she needed to “have roots like an oak but limbs like a willow.”  I interpreted that she meant she had to remain grounded in who she was and how she did things but also be flexible enough to bend with the unforeseen aspects to life and the added aspects that other people provide.  I was thinking about that  this morning.  I was wondering how that applied both to my leadership roles and to my faith.



As a leader, I need to have a clear understanding of who I am and the manner in which I address issues.  I must have a strong and healthy foundation from which to lead.  I can not be moved easily by the latest fad or the short-lived trends because I need to offer some stability to the organization.  On the other hand, I cannot be so rigid that I am not able to adapt to shifting patterns.  I cannot be so rigid that I am not open to different views and new ideas, especially from a varied perspective.  I cannot be so rigid that I allow the organization and myself to be left behind because the streams of life have gone forward and we are unable to move.  I cannot be so rigid that I break when pressures come at me.



My faith is very similar.  I need to have strong roots established in my belief in Jesus Christ.  From these roots I receive the nutrients that I so desperately need to sustain my faith.  These roots allow me to withstand the storms of life and not be swept away.  These roots give me an anchor when all around me things are shifting.  I also need to be able to sway and move to the new revelations that the Lord places in my life.  I need to understand that since I serve and believe in a living God, God continues to reveal new understandings and deepen my faith.  I need to let the wind of the Spirit blow through me, around me, and move me.

English: Willow tree in Eastleach

English: Willow tree in Eastleach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




So the words of my friend echo in my mind this day and give me great wisdom to ponder as I try to improve as a leader and believer.  It is not a or” but an “and” that belongs in my heading.  I need to be both an oak and a willow.




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