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A male Northern Flicker (or Yellow-shafted Fli...

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Today I noticed that it was time to refill my bird feeders.  As winter seems to be lingering on and as the snow fall keeps arriving on a weekly basis, I think the birds are eating at the bird feeder more frequently because their primary food sources are covered up.  This led me to ponder this morning what feeds me.


I am not concerned about the physical feeding of myself; I have more than enough food and more than enough food sources.  I am thinking more about what feeds my life.  I believe it is important for people to reflect up this on occasion.  The reason I find it important to do for myself is because if what I am doing is not feeding me, then I need to consider doing something else.  This is true in my professional life, as well as, all aspects of my personal life.  I think that each of us have certain activities and interests which give us energy and drive.  Just like our physical bodies need the right combination of nutrients and sustenance to have the energy to get through a day, our mental bodies need the right combination of activities and stimulation to get us through the day, week, and month.


Not only do our physical and mental bodies need to be fed, our spirits need feed as well.  Some of the feeding of my spirit is connected to the feeding of my mental being but I need more than just that.  I need to be feed by a higher Spirit.  I need that connection with the Lord.  It is the Spirit of the Lord that feeds my spirit.  It is through prayer, study of Scripture, worship, and being engaged in a community of faith that the Spirit feeds me.


So my question for you today is:  What feeds you?



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