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Empty Tomb

Empty Tomb (Photo credit: abcdz2000)

Well, the busyness of the Easter holiday has come and gone for another year.  As I was reflecting on all I heard and experienced during last week and Sunday morning, I realized how Easter propels me to always be anticipating the “something better.”  Now let me first say that this does not exclude me from living in the present.  If we are always looking to the future, we can miss the wonderful aspects of today.  However, as a believer, I know that what I see and experience around me today is not all there is to life.  Easter reminds me that there is something more, something better, planned for my life.

The promises given and solidified in the actions of Jesus on Good Friday and on Easter morning are promises that are real for me in my life.  As Jesus tells the criminal on the cross next to him, I have the same promise that I will be with the Lord in paradise.  This points me to a better reality, a better existence than the one that I experience now.  The promise is real and given to all people without regard for their past behaviors or social status.  My belief in Jesus Christ and what Jesus did and said is the guarantee of the fulfillment of that promise.

So even as I live in today and enjoy the blessings of the Lord that are found in this day, I know that the Lord has something better planned for me.  Each day and the changes that I experience in that day moves me closer to that “something better.”  I long for the completion of God’s plan in my life.  I long for the steps along the way that move closer to that reality.  I long for something better.



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