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Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace (Photo credit: Gúrkubóndinn)


As many leaders know, some weeks are just hectic.  This is one of those weeks for me.  There are commitments that I need to fulfill every day and most evenings this week.  It is one of those weeks where I seem to be running from one commitment to the next and really not even knowing when I can take a breath.  This also seems to be one of those weeks that emails are falling out of the sky as much as the raindrops the last couple of days.  So as I was sitting in my office this morning, I was asking myself, “Where am I going to find peace in this week?”


I think that the first important step in finding this peace is to have some self-discipline.  I need to make sure that I force myself to take the time to create peace in myself.  This is so vital because in a hectic week, it is very easy for me to just race around from one activity to the next commitment.  I can psychologically overwhelm myself.  I can even convince myself that I do not have time to find peace in my life.  So I have to discipline myself to take the time to create peace within me.


Why is this important, or even vital, during a hectic week?  Because as a leader, if I do not have peace within myself during a hectic week, I am prone to be short with responses to individuals.  I can also fail to “look” at the individual and instead look beyond the individual.  I can also be easily distracted and almost sloppy with my decisions and actions.  Leaders need to work so all of these potential issues do not become a reality.  One step toward dealing with these issues is to find that peace.



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