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I have a cold this week.  I do not get sick very often but when I do, I always remember why I hate it so much.  Being sick slows me down and impacts my ability to complete the work that I feel I need to complete.  I struggle to have the energy I need.  I have to deal with a persistent cough.  I have to remember to stop at various times throughout my day to take medicine.  I do not feel like going anywhere or interacting with people very much.  All of these have an impact on my professional and my personal life.  I DO NOT LIKE BEING SICK!

I had a conversation with an older gentleman yesterday who is having issues with his knee.  He knows that in the near future he will need replacement surgery.  He has always been very active and is involved in a wide range of boards, organizations, and community activities. He also is working many days a week even though he is “retired.”  He was mentioning to me how he hates that his knee is slowing him down right now and not allowing him to achieve all the things he wishes to achieve.  I definitely could relate with him this week.

This has caused me to pause and think about what is the true blessing of good health.  I know that this is a blessing that I take for granted way too much.  I guess it is one of many daily blessings from the Lord that I take for granted.  I am amazed how much a change in health impacts me and I know it impacts others.  So today, even though I have the annoyance of a cold, I give thanks to the Lord for relatively good health.  May I not take such blessings for granted as much as I do.

Cough and the Common Cold

Cough and the Common Cold (Photo credit: RobertFrancis)


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