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As I sit in my office today, there is bright sunshine outside.  The trees have buds on them.  The grass is green.  From all these observations, it would appear that it is a beautiful spring day.  WRONG!  Yes, it should be a beautiful spring day on April 19 but there is a strong, cold wind.  The temperature is thirty degrees with windchill in the twenties.  Definitely much more like a January day than a mid-April day.  The appearances are deceptive.

As a leader, this can occur within the organization that I lead.  This can also occur with individuals within the organization.  Everything can give an appearance of calm.  There may be signs of positive movement and growth.  It may be perceived that relationships are in harmony and that everyone is relatively happy.  Yet, underneath the surface there may be unrest.  Like strange currents under the surface of the ocean, there may be turmoil and strange movements.  Then  it takes one event, one conversation, one interaction between individuals and the relative calm disappears and an eruption occurs.

I think that for me, one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader is when something blindsides me.  I try my best to keep a good gaug


Katama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on what is happening in the organization but even my best abilities can fall short.  When I am blindsided, it takes me a bit to recover and to determine what I should do from that point forward.  It is very important to assess the situation as quickly as possible and triage what or who needs to be addressed first.

So a word to the wise……  appearances can be deceptive.  Make sure that you are always trying to go beyond appearances and find out what is really happening.


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