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Big Tree with Red Sky in the Winter Night

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Today I was reminded why I sometimes fail to achieve that for which I hope.  Today I was reminded that too often I rely solely on my own power and skills.  There are definitely times when I have the power and/or the skills to achieve whatever is before me.  However, there are also times, usually when what I need to achieve is big or may seem impossible, that I need to rely on something outside myself.  These are the times when I should, but often forget, to engage in prayer.  I need to turn to a power that is greater than myself alone.

When I am either forced to, or by some small stroke of intelligence, go to the Lord and seek the Lord’s power, I find a higher rate of success in my endeavors.  The Lord at times will send me individuals that have the skills and power to assist me in that success.  There are times that the Lord helps me by adjusting circumstances or opening my eyes to see different possibilities.  At other times, the Lord provides the voices of others that redirect me and make it clear that what I am trying to achieve may not be in the best interest of me and/or other people.

The key for me today is to remember that in those challenging situations, there is something big enough to handle the situation.  There is something big enough that can make the impossible possible.  That something that is big enough is the One I believe in, the Lord.  Prayer is the way I tap into that power.


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